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Take control of your utilities.

Submetering & Utility Billing Services Since 1983

Why Choose Guardian? 
Multifamily Utility Billing RUBS
Water Submetering
94% Account Retention Rate
10 Day Avg
Meter Service
Apartment Utility Billing RUBS
91% Utility Billing Collection Rate
In-House Regulatory Counsel
Water Submetering Services
Over 2 Million Bills
Mailed Annually
Service Provided In
46 States
Property Management Software Integration

Water Submetering Company

Submetering Company

In-House Counsel
Apartment building

A History of Submetering Success

Founded in 1983, Guardian provides a full suite of utility cost recovery services including submeter system-design, submeter installation services, data acquisition, utility billing, collections and utility management - all backed by a 39 year commitment to superior customer service.  Guardian offers water, gas and electric submetering solutions for owners and managers of apartments, condominiums, offices, retail stores, manufactured housing and marinas.  Our first priority is to efficiently recover utility costs through the application of submetering measurement technologies. Guardian technologies are supported by an in-house staff of programmers and application engineers. We work directly with our customers to increase net operating income, improve property valuation and promote water and energy conservation.

Submetering & Utility Billing Markets



New Construction


Student Housing

Mobile Home Parks

Mobile Homes

How Submetering Works

1. Install

A wireless meter is installed in every unit and an internet router-sized, central submeter data collector is installed in a mechanical room, closet or leasing office.  Pre-programmed, client-installed submeter kits are also available.

Water Submeter
2. Connect

The central data collector is connected to Guardian's network over an internet connection provided by the property. 3G and manual read options are also available for smaller properties that may not have an on-site leasing office or clubhouse. Meter reads are then pushed into Guardian's network in real time.  

Wireless Water Submetering
3. Bill

Guardian sends a monthly utility bill to each occupant based on their submetered usage and the same exact rates as those billed by the local provider. We provide regulatory assistance to keep your property's submetering and billing program in compliance with all local rules and regulations. 

Apartment Utility Billing Services
4. Collect


The property can opt for in-house collections or it can outsource that function to Guardian. Either way, our website portal makes your new submeter program easy to manage. Identify leaks and receive notifications of spikes in usage or meters requiring service at your property. Keep tabs on resident utility payments, report occupancy changes and integrate with property management software such as Yardi, OneSite, AppFolio and RentManager.

Multifamily Utility Billing Services
How Submetering Works
Hear From Our Customers 

"I wanted to you to let you know how pleased I am with your service at my building in Seattle. Previously, I had been paying all water, sewer and garbage bill for the units.

Since the units were not individually metered, I had no way of knowing how much each tenant was using.  Immediately after installation, the resident billing services began.   I still pay the master bill to Seattle Public Utility, but my residents send me their portion of the utility usage based on the submetering.  Within four months the system has paid for itself."

Mary Dombrowski

Real Estate Investor
Bainbridge Island, Washington 

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