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Our Commitment.

Guardian Water & Power is committed to utility cost recovery and resource conservation.


Industry studies continue to document the linkage between conservation and submetering. A study conducted by the National Multi-Housing Council and the National Apartment Association found a 18-39% percent reduction in water consumption in submetered apartments compared to apartments that include water expenses in rent.  Similar studies found that RUBS and other allocation methods of utility billing result in an average decrease in utility consumption between 6-27%.  

As one of the highest volume utility billing companies in the nation, we send millions of utility bills to residents all over the country.  We make every effort to promote our paperless billing to residents and owners alike.  Since we started paperless billing in early 2012, over 20% of Guardian residents have signed-up.  Our goal is to increase that number to 50% by 2019.

Our sustainability efforts are also reflected in our ongoing, in-house recycling efforts.  At our corporate office in Colubmus, Ohio there are recycling bins at all work stations and common areas where trash bins are present such as break rooms, kitchens, mail rooms, the bill processing center and conference rooms. Recycling signs are clearly posted near all recycling bins and management recently devoted a portion of a monthly staff meeting reviewing proper recycling practices with all employees.

We are proud to be a member of Greenspot Columbus, a group of central Ohio businesses and restaurants dedicated to being the leaders in sustainability.  As a member of Greenspot, Guardian has made commitments to be environmentally friendly in five different categories: 

1. Inform and Engage:  We ensure that all employees are aware of our mission statement to conserve resources through the application of measurement and information technologies.   Our compliance with local, federal, health, safety and environmental regulations are posted in common areas throughout our offices.  Each January, we submit our new green initiatives to Greenspot Columbus as a leader in sustainability.  


2. Reduce, Recycle, & Reuse: We have established a business wide recycling program that includes glass, aluminum, plastic bottles, metal, brass and paper. 


3. Conserve Water: As a leading provider of submetering and utility cost recovery services, we think about water conservation every day.  From installing low-flow bathroom fixtures to tracking water usage at our office, we make every effort to keep our water use to a minimum.  

4. Conserve Energy:  We also think about energy conservation every day.  As one of the highest volume utility billing companies in the nation, we know that some of the best ways to save energy are the easiest to implement.  Unplugging electronics when not in use, turning off lights at the end of the day, and keeping heating and air conditioning to a minimum are necessities we make sure all employees comply with.  


5. Streamline Transportation: Our Columbus offices are located in the urban district of Grandview Heights, making it easy for employees to commute via public transportation or bike.  In fact, we encourage employees to bike to work by keeping plenty of bike storage inside our building.

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