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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about your utility bill? The answer could be right at your fingertips. If you don't find the information you're looking for here, please contact us directly, and one of our team members will be happy to help. 

Frequently Asked Questions by Residents

Q: Does someone enter my residence to read my submeter?

A: No, your meter is read either electronically with a wireless radio signal or from an exterior remote reader.

Q: My bill is higher this month than last month. Why?

A: Increases in your utility bill can be caused by several factors including guests staying in your home during the billing period, changes in usage habits, changes in the billing dates or water leaks. If you suspect a leak, please promptly report this to your property's maintenance staff. This will help conserve water usage and help reduce your monthly bill.

Q: How are water rates determined?

A: Your local water, gas or electric provider determines the utility rates in effect in your area.  Please note, some communities may have private water treatment facilities in which case your billing rates are based on the property owner's cost to maintain the treatment facility.  

Q: My sewer charges are higher than the water charges. Why?

A: In many areas of the country, sewer is higher than water because of the escalating costs associated with treating wastewater.

Q: What can I do to keep my utility costs as low as possible?

A: Please click here for tips on reducing your utility expenses.

Q: What should I do if the water pressure in my home is low or if there is no water service?

A: If you are experiencing water problems in your home, please contact your property manager or your local water department that provides service in your area. Utility submetering companies like Guardian Water & Power do not provide water service.

Q: I went to the Guardian website to pay my bill and I cannot open my account. Is there anything I can do before calling your office for assistance?

A: Make sure any "pop-up blockers" are turned off and be sure you are entering the last six characters of your account. If you still cannot open your account screen, please contact our Call Center at the telephone number displayed on your bill.

Q: My current bill shows a previous balance that I have already paid. Why?

AYour payment may have been received in our office after we issued the current bill.   If so, the prior period charges will still appear on the current bill. Postal delays and processing time may result in a balance carry forward. Please allow enough time for your payment to arrive in our office by the due date. If you pay online or by telephone, please allow 24 hours for your payment to be reflected in your statement balance.

Q: My bill indicates that it is a "duplicate". Why?

A: Either your property manager or someone in your home requested that a duplicate bill be mailed.

Q: My bill indicates that it is a "corrected" bill. Why?

A: Corrected bills are issued when it has been determined that an error occurred in the processing of the original bill.

Q: Who should I notify if I am moving out of my home?

A: Please inform your property manager of your intention to move. They will let us know of any intended change in occupancy.

Q: I have already moved but I continue to receive a bill. What should I do?

A: Please check the reading dates that appear on your bill. If you lived in the residence during the billing period, please remit payment as instructed on the bill. If you did not, please contact the property manager to request that you be removed from the billing account.

Gas Runtime Allocation

Q: What is a gas runtime system?

A: A gas runtime system measure the operating time of gas-fired furnaces, domestic water heaters, fireplaces and baseboard heating systems. By measuring runtime (and temperature for baseboard systems) we can allocate heating costs to each dweilling unit in the apartment community,

Q: In what type of dwelling units does Guardian install gas runtime systems?

A: We install runtime systems in apartment communities with central heating systems or systems that are not individually piped for gas service. We also install these systems if local utility tariffs or government regulations restrict the use of individual gas submeters

Q: How does Guardian receive the runtime readings for my dwelling unit?

A: If your dwelling unit is equipped with a gas runtime system, an electronic monitoring device in your home transmits runtime/temperature measurements to a data collector located in your community's office or utility room. The measurements are then routed through an 800 telephone number to Guardian's billing office.

Q: How is the heating bill calculated?

A: The monthly heating bill is based on the runtime (and temperature for baseboard heating) of the gas-fired applicances in your home. Runtime hours combined with appliance BTU/Hour ratings and the local gas rates in your area to determine your heating costs.

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