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Electric Submeters

Submetering & Utility Billing Services For Over 33 Years

Leviton VerifEye™ Mini Meter™ Multiple Meter Unit (MMU)

VerifEye™ Mini Meter™ (kWh) Multiple Meter Units (MMUs) are designed for multi-tenant submetering applications in which multiple single phase (120/240V 1PH 3W and 120/208V 2PH 3W) loads are fed from the same power distribution panel to be metered. MMUs have important advantages over multiple individually housed meters including: Smaller mounting footprint • Reduced hardware requirements (conduit, wire, short circuit protection devices, etc.) • Reduced installation time • Individual meters in one enclosure architecture enhances product reliability.


Each VerifEye Mini Meter installed in an MMU is a revenue-grade*, ANSI C12.1-compliant energy meter that is backed by Leviton’s best in the industry 10-year warranty. Mini Meter MMUs are NEMA 4X rated and UL Listed, suitable for either indoor or outdoor installations. Each Mini meter has built-in pulse outputs for connection to Automatic Meter Reading equipment as well as on-site kWh displays. Suitable for both new construction and retrofit applications, Mini Meter (kWh) MMUs are available in 3 sizes: • Medium: Houses 2 to 4 Mini Meters • Large: Houses 5 to 8 Mini Meters • Extra-Large: Houses 9 to 19


Mini Meters VerifEye MMU configuration forms provide the factory with build information, such as power distribution information (single phase or three phase distribution panel mains), amperage ratings, and MMU and meter labeling information.

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NextCentury Data Gathering System

NextCentury’s Data Gathering System is an easy-to-use, full-feature solution developed to transform the submetering market. We have worked with users during every step of the design process to ensure that our system is the easiest to install and maintain. NextCentury is proud to bring so many innovative technologies to this market, while still maintaining reasonable prices.

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