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Utility Billing & Collections

Water, Gas & Electric Utility Cost Recovery Since 1983

Utility Billing Can Be Complicated, We Make It Easy

Guardian Water & Power offers four utility billing service options that are tailored to your desired level of management control. We also utilize hybrid and allocation utility billing formulas at multifamily properties with plumbing infrastructure that does not support submetering. [Read more] 

We personalize utility bill presentation to meet the needs of our clients and their residents. Guardian bill pay options are designed to maximize utility cost recovery and provide ample convenience to residents. [Read more] 

Apartment Utility Billing Services

Our utility billing and management services are based on three software packages developed and maintained in-house by Guardian's team of programmers and web application engineers. Our billing platform is compatible with all major property management software.  [Read more] 

Other third-party submetering and utility billing companies artificially force the total charges billed to residents to equal the property's master bill. Is this the right approach for your property? We don't think so. [Read more] 

RUBS is a method of allocating utility costs in apartments where the actual utility bill for the property is distributed to each resident based on an allocation formula utilizing occupant count or square footage. [Read more] 

Our Live Call Center is staffed with patient representatives trained specifically to answer utility billing and payment processing questions without having to direct residents back to the leasing office for assistance. [Read more] 

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