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Privacy Info

Because at times we gather certain types of information about our visitors, we make this Privacy Policy available so that you may understand the terms and conditions encompassing the collection of that information.

Your Email Address

Any email addresses sent to us as the result of registration or correspondence will not be collected or used for the purposes of reselling to a third party. 

Your Account

To provide our customers with their own accurate, detailed billing information, we maintain detailed records. We will not sell this information to unaffiliated third parties. We will keep customers' personal information and transactions secure and confidential through safeguards such as secure encryption technology and by requiring user names and passwords to access personal information. 


If you wish to correct, add or remove the personal information submitted to Guardian Water & Power, you may contact us directly here


Your Internet browser has a feature called "cookies," which allows to store small bits of information on your computer. Cookies allow you to register, log in, and maintain preferences and settings.

Delivery Policy

Your payment is being processed to pay an outstanding utility bill. No products are shipped in conjunction with this payment.

Return/Refund Policy


Your payment is being processed to pay an outstanding utility bill. If you believe you are due a refund on any payments made please contact our Finance Department at 614-291-3141.

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