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Utility Expense Management

Invoice Processing, Vacancy Cost Recovery  & Energy Benchmarking

Take Control of Your Utility Expenses

With our Utility Expense Management (UEM) services, we take over the time-consuming challenge of processing your property’s master utility, internet and telecom provider invoices. We ensure your bills are paid accurately and on time. Leveraging our 36 years of utility management expertise, we analyze each invoice looking for provider billing errors and opportunities for your company to save money. When we find a utility or telecom provider billing error, we can dispute the charges on your behalf.


Guardian’s Utility Expense Management service will reduce AP workload, eliminate late fees, increase NOI and save you money. You will save even more when coupling UEM with a submeter or RUBS utility bill back service. In selected markets, Guardian offers UEM services at no additional cost to our submeter or RUBS multifamily real estate clients. 

Utility Invoice Processing

We carefully track your utility provider and telecom invoices received and missing. Provider bills are audited and compared to submeter bills to ensure accuracy.

We ensure your utility provider and telecom invoices are paid accurately and on-time. We can interface directly with the provider to eliminate late fees entirely.

Utility Provider
Errors & Disputes

When we find a utility or telecom provider billing error, we will dispute charges on your behalf.  We follow up with the provider to ensure disputes are resolved in a timely manner. 

Cost Savings

Our team of utility experts provide weekly exception reports and quarterly return on investment reporting that outline cost savings and optimization opportunities. 

Once provider invoices are validated, a funding request is issued along with a GL interface file that seamlessly integrates with your accounting software.


Many cities and states across the country are requiring properties to submit building energy use data annually.  We keep you in compliance so you don't have to worry.

Vacancy Cost Recovery

With our Vacancy Cost Recovery (VCR) service, Guardian’s team of utility management experts will monitor and flag any overlap between when a resident moves into their apartment and when she or he actually transfers the electric provider utility bill from the property into their name.  Violators are charged a penalty fee plus utility charges owed. This service is available free to our Utility Expense Management (UEM) clients and pairs nicely with a submeter or RUBS bill back program.​   Vacant Cost Recovery ensures all utility costs are properly allocated to the resident and not paid by the owner.

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Why we partner with

  • RadiusPoint's ExpenseLogic is the most intelligent and flexible software application and service offering in the industry. 

  • ExpenseLogic’s superior technology, coupled with the technical expertise of the RadiusPoint staff, transforms  billing data into immediate cost savings, strategic information and insight.

  • RadiusPoint's services and software tools consistently exceed the expectations of our clients in the management of the lifelines of their properties.

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