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Read, Bill & Collect Service

We offer four billing solutions that are tailored to your desidred level of management control. 

Option 1: Reading and Data Transmission Only 

For clients who require data acquistion (manual or by radio frequency) and transmission only. Leak detection included with radio frequency systems only. Third party billing service is not required. 

Option 2: Reading, Bill Calculation and Transmission 

Some clients direct bill their residents for utilities. Typically utility charges are included on the resident monthly statement which includes rent and other services. Option 2 includes an annual or seasonal rate update, bill calculation and transmission of billing calculations to the client. This option works very well with property management softwares such as AppFolio or RentManager. The client handles all resident inquiries.  


Option 3: Reading and Billing (RB) Service with Guardian Call Center Support

Option 3 includes all of Option 2 services plus Guardian Billing and Call Center Support. Your resident receives an itemized utility bill in the mail from Guardian with our logo and 1-800 call center number to answer questions about the bill.  The bill instructs the resident to make their payment along with rent to property management. Management receives a monthly export file of utility charges that can be imported into your property management software's utility ledger. If you are using a version of Yardi, more advanced integration options are available. 

Option 4: Read-Bill-Collect (RBC) Service with Guardian Call Center Support

Option 4 includes all of Option 3 but instead billing statements instruct the resident to make their payment to Guardian each month.  Several bill pay options are available including check or money order by mail, credit card online, auto bill pay (ACH), our mobile app add 24/7 telepayment. Management uses our website portal to report occupancy changes, keep tabs on collections and past due accounts and prepare final bills for vacating residents. 

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