Submeters Help Save Property $78,000

Columbus, Ohio October 2, 2015 – In 2013 affordable home provider Homeport noticed a sharp increase in water expenses at Parkmead Apartments located in Grove City. While neighboring properties saw a 5 percent increase, Parkmead experienced a 28 percent increase. In 2014, Parkmead’s water costs soared another 50 percent.

Something was wrong, and Homeport staff, working with its property management company Wallick Communities, initiated an effort to identify the problem and fix it. “We pay close attention to our operating costs,” said Homeport President and CEO Amy Klaben. “Parkmead’s water costs had to be brought under control.”

Initial efforts undertaken to solve the problem included pressure testing of water lines, installing a new master meter and repairing curb boxes. Sonar tests were also performed on the underground water lines.

In early 2015, with water bills continuing to grow and no solution in sight, it was decided to install individual water submeters in the 72 unit apartment community. Guardian Water & Power was called on to install the system and begin monthly monitoring and billing services.

The first monthly bill was an eye opener. “Our monthly submetering report immediately documented a $6,000 monthly leak,” according to Wallick Regional Supervisor Lisa Landis. “While the submeters showed $3,000 used by our residents, we were billed $9,000 by the City of Columbus.” Landis was convinced that a leak existed somewhere