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Founded in 1983, Guardian provides a full-suite of utility cost recovery services including submeter system-design, submeter installation services, submeter data acquisition, utility billing, collections and utility management - all backed by a 36 year commitment to superior customer service. We work directly with our customers to increase net operating income, improve property valuation and promote water conservation.


Guardian offers submetering solutions for owners and managers of apartments, condominiums, offices, retail stores, manufactured housing and marinas. Our first priority is to efficiently recover utility costs through the application of submetering measurement technologies. Guardian technologies are supported by an in-house staff of programmers and web application engineers.   We work directly with our customers to increase net operating income, improve property valuation and promote water and energy conservation.


Our Local Sales and Service Office in the Raleigh-Durham area provides timely submeter installation and technical support to help maximize recovery of utility costs and protect your bottom line.

Our Submetering Expertise

Just about all new multifamily developments are choosing to submeter and bill back for utilities from the start. Guardian's team of sales professionals, project managers and field technicians work directly with developers and builders during all stages of the new construction process.  We ensure your submeter system is installed and commissioned on time and for a lower price than the competition. 


Including utilities with rent or HOA dues provides little incentive for residents to use less. When your're ready to submeter and start billing back for utilities, we've got you covered. We will recommend a system that meets your property's needs then manage the implementation process from start to finish. We guarantee the lowest submeter pricing and the fastest lead times in the industry. 

Maintenance & 

Properly functioning meters help maximize recovery of your utility expenses and protect your bottom line.  To ensure these problems are not overlooked, we send our clients automated email alerts spotlighting usage anolmolies and subeters requiring service at their properties. Our nationwide team of project managers and field technicians make necessary repairs and replacements as needed.

Monitoring & Utility Billing

Once your new system is installed, we provide on-going monitoring, leak detection and utility billing services.  We have different levels of service depending on your level of management control. Our billing platform integrates with all major property management software.  We can also takeover reading and billing using your site's existing submeter system if you are having problems with you current provider.

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Multifamily Utility Billing RUBS
Water Submetering
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Submeter Company
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Meter Service
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Submetering Company
91% Utility Billing Collection Rate
A+ BBB Rating
Since 1983
Water Submetering Services
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Service Office
Property Management Software Integration

Water Submetering Company

Submetering Company

North Carolina Submetering Legal Environment

Water Submetering: Allowed with strict regulations

Gas Submetering: Not Allowed

Electric Submetering: Allowed

Ratio Utility Billing (RUBS): Not allowed

Notes: Property owner cannot provide utility service at a profit. We provide free regulatory support to keep your new submetering program in compliance with all local rules and regulation. Contact Guardian Water & Power for the most recent water, gas and electric submetering and utility billing regulations in North Carolina.

Local Utility Providers

Raleigh Public Utilities
1 Exchange Plaza #620
Raleigh, NC 27601
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Triangle Apt Assc 

7920 ACC Blvd #220

Raleigh, NC 27617
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