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Water Submeters

Submetering & Utility Billing Services For Over 33 Years

3/4" NextCentury M201 Water Submeter (CA Type Approved)


These NTEP Certified Meters come in both hot and cold water models. Combine this with its full 3/4" lightweight design, reliable multi-jet technologies, and pre-wired pulse AMR connector, and you have the water metering solution of the future.

Meter Specs | Warranty Info | Call 877-291-3141 for quote

NextCentury Data Gathering System

NextCentury’s Data Gathering System is an easy-to-use, full-feature solution developed to transform the submetering market. We have worked with users during every step of the design process to ensure that our system is the easiest to install and maintain. NextCentury is proud to bring so many innovative technologies to this market, while still maintaining reasonable prices.

Hardware Specs | Warranty Info | Call for quote 877-291-3141

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