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Michigan Submetering - Must Read Before You Submeter in Michigan

Michigan Submetering Regulations

With the exception of natural gas, there are no statewide rules or regulations governing the practice of utility submetering or allocation in Michigan. However, local jurisdictions may have enacted such measures.

For more information about the Michigan regulatory environment, please contact our Ann Arbor-based Regional Manager, Jaci LaFave at 810-600-7412 or email Jaci at

Key elements of Michigan’s submetering and utility billing environment are summarized below.

Water & Sewer

There are no regulations at the state level in Michigan. Some jurisdictions within the state, local regulations may exist.


There are no laws or regulation in Michigan regarding electric submetering or allocation.


Michigan Gas Utilities Corporation prohibits gas submetering in their service territory. Their tariff states:

C4.4 Redistribution of gas service. Gas will not be supplied to any customer except for the customer's own use or for the use of the customer's tenants in the building or premise supplied with gas under the service agreement between the Company and the customer. Gas will not be supplied under a filed rate of this rate schedule for submetering or resale by or to any owner, tenant or occupant of any premises. A customer shall not submeter, resell or otherwise dispose of any gas supplied to him under any filed rate; except that a customer of the Company may redistribute such gas to his tenants in the premises supplied when the customer is supplied under a filed rate which does not prohibit such redistribution, and provided that no specific charge is made therein.

Other gas utilities serving Michigan may have similar prohibitions.

Allocation of gas service by a Ratio Utility Billing System or be gas timing devices appears to be permitted but should be researched on a case-by-case basis before proceeding.

For more information about the Michigan gas submetering or allocation, please contact our Ann Arbor-based Regional Manager, Jaci LaFave at 810) 600-74120722 or email Jaci at


Fes are not regulated.

Refuse Service

Billing of refuse service is not regulated in Michigan.


The information presented above is meant to be used as a general guide to the state’s submetering regulatory environment. It is not intended to be used as legal advice in the conduct of business within the state.

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