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Important North Carolina Submetering Rules - Must Read Before You Submeter in North Carolina

Submetering in North Carolina is regulated by the North Carolina Utilities Commission (NCUC). The commission has established a comprehensive regulatory framework. Key elements of North Carolina’s submetering and utility billing regulations are summarized below.

For more information about the North Carolina regulatory environment, please contact our Regional Sales Manager, Branham Stovall, at (919) 723-3739 or email Branham at

Regulatory Exclusions

North Carolina’s submetering regulations exclude apartments with 14 or fewer units and all condominium communities.

RUBS Prohibition

North Carolina’s submetering regulations specifically prohibit the use of all ratio utility billing systems RUBS within the State. Each rental unit is required to have an individual water submeter.

Gas Submetering Prohibited

The State of North Carolina disallows submetering of gas utility service.

Electric Submetering

Electric submetering is permitted under certain circumstances. Click General Assembly of North Carolina, Senate Bill 533

Hot Water Capture/Cold Water Allocation

Apartments built before 1989 are permitted to use a Hot Water Capture/Cold Water Allocation method to measure water usage in each apartment unit.

Refuse Service

Billing of refuse service in apartment communities is not regulated in North Carolina.

Application and Certificate

Apartments with 15 or more rental units are required to submit an application to the NCUC. Once the application has been approved, the NCUC will issue a certificate permitting the apartment community to begin billing tenants for water and sewer service.

Application forms are available at

Guardian Water & Power provides assistance in completing the application and obtaining a certificate. For more information, please contact our Regional Sales Manager, Branham Stovall, at (919) 723-3739 or email Branham at


The North Carolina Utility Commission has capped billing fees at $3.75 per unit per month. Late fees and occupancy update charges are not permitted.


The information presented above is a general guide to the state’s submetering regulatory environment. It is not intended to be used as legal advice in the conduct of business within the state. For additional information, please see the following sources:

North Carolina Rule 18 North Carolina Application for Certificate North Carolina General Statues Chapter 62-110.3 North Carolina General Statues Chapter 62-302 North Carolina General Statues Chapter 62-110 North Carolina General Statutes, Chapter 62 Regulatory Fee Reporting North Carolina Commission Rules and Regulations, Chapter 22 North Carolina General Assembly, Senate Bill 533

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