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California Submetering Law Senate Bill 7

California Senate Bill 7 took effect earlier this year. The bill encourages water conservation in the state’s nearly 4.0 million multifamily residential housing units. Among other things, the bill requires meters or submeters to be installed in all newly constructed multi unit residential structures and in all newly constructed mixed-use residential and commercial structures.

The bill also requires the apartment owners and managers install submeters that comply with California comprehensive set of regulations governing the approval of submeter types and the installation, maintenance, reading, billing, and testing of submeters.

Guardian’s Southern California sales and service office provides timely submeter installation and technical support to help you navigate the state’s regulatory environment and maximize recovery of utility costs.

SB 7 sends a clear and unmistakable message to other states around the country: Submetering is a proven, effective way to promote water conservation.

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