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Submetering for Manufactured Housing Communities

Mobile Home Park Submetering


In the absence of submeters, water utilities are the largest uncontrolled expense in manufactured housing communities. Whether your water service is provided by a local municipality or a private water treatment facility, we can install submetering systems that bring these expenses under control. 

Pre-planning is key to implementing a successful water submetering and billing service. We start with a thorough understanding of local regulatory requirements, the park's water distribution system and specific plumbing requirements. Since metering equipment will normally be installed in a non-temperature controlled environment, our system recommendations take into account seasonal temperature variations. Our water submetering systems for mobile home parks are designed to prevent freezing.

During and immediately after meter installation, most park owners and managers begin seeing a sharp drop in water usage. Converting the park from owner-paid to resident-paid water service provides a direct financial incentive for park residents to tighten up their home's internal plumbing fixtures and conserve water usage. 

Overall water management within the park also improves. For example, many manufactured housing communities have extensive linear feet of underground water distribution lines. The more underground piping, the more likely undetected leaks will develop. These silent drains on community operating income can be eliminated by periodically comparing aggregate submeter usage with master meter usage. 

Submetering is a proven way to boost your community's operating income and property valuation. Contact us to learn more about these and other manufactured housing services. 

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