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Submetering for Commercial, Industrial and Retail Property

Commercial & Retail Submetering


Commercial properties such as enclosed shopping centers, strip malls, mixed use, offices and warehouse facilities present unique submetering and utility cost recovery challenges. For example, national retail chains typically have multiple utility bill presentation levels within the chain and with third party bill pay processors. Guardian technologies including GuardianSoft+® and GuardianLink+® have been developed to help commercial property managers and developers maximize collection of utility costs. 

Unlike residential leasing, commercial property managers regularly combine or subdivide leasable square footage in order to meet the space requirement of a fluid tenant mix. Submeter installations above dropped ceilings or those requiring personnel lift equipment are commonplace in commercial properties. Because we staff our own installation department and stock all major brands of water, gas and electric submeters, we are able to promptly meet the challenging installation demands of our commercial clients. 

Accurate measurement and allocation of common area charges is another important factor in the commercial submetering market. Because we construct Property Specific Billing Rates for each commercial property, we can accurately isolate common area usage and bill these charges back to tenants. Property Specific Billing Rates also identify and correct potential sources of utility loss such as theft of service and underground water leaks. 

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