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Submetering & Utility Billing Since 1983

Corporate Headquarters: 1650 Watermark Dr, Columbus, Ohio

A History of Submetering Sucess

Founded in 1983, Guardian Water & Power provides a full suite of utility cost recovery services including submeter system design, submeter installation and maintenance services, submeter reading, utility billing, collections and utility expense management - all backed by commitment to providing superior customer service.   Our primary markets are multi-unit residential and commercial properties including apartments, condominiums, shopping centers, offices, military bases, marinas and manufactured housing communities.   We create value for our customers by minimizing property utility usage, maximizing recovery of utility costs, lowering operating expenses and increasing property valuations. By creating value for our customers, we help conserve water and energy resources. 

Our first priority is to efficiently recover utility costs through the application of submetering measurement technologies. Guardian technologies are supported by an in-house staff of programmers and web application engineers. Headquartered in Columbus, Guardian maintains regional sales and service centers in Austin, Cranford, Honolulu, Jacksonville, Orange County, Raleigh and Tacoma. We work directly with our customers to increase net operating income, improve property valuation and promote water and energy conservation. 

Founded in 1983, our original name was WaterMaster America, Inc. and our primary business focus was water submetering. Since our founding, we've pioneered several water submetering concepts and techniques including customer equivalency billing practices, consumption analysis procedures, radio-frequency submeter kits for client-installed systems and innovative financing options. 





In the early years of our business, we consulted with various regulatory agencies and participated in efforts to help solidify the legal foundation of utility submetering in the United States. Advances in submetering technology coupled with rising energy costs gradually broadened the scope of our work to include gas and electric submetering. In 2001, we established our PowerMaster® subsidiary to provide gas and electric submetering services. Today, we offer all of our submetering and utility management services under one name: Guardian Water & Power, Inc. 

Over the years, we have continuously invested in GuardianSoft+®, our utility billing platform. The ongoing development of GuardianSoft+® and its related modules is supported by our in-house team of software engineers and web application programmers. While other companies outsource their IT function and purchase off-the-shelf billing software, we believe our in-house development team makes us more responsive to client needs and better able to control utility management costs. 

We believe it is fundamentally important to clearly understand the difference between what we can and cannot control, so we focus our time, talent and capital on those things we can control. In keeping with this core belief, we staff our own IT department team, bill processing facility and meter installation and service departments.   We cultivate a work environment that rewards tenacity, inquisitiveness and personal integrity. We offer our employees increasingly attractive compensation and performance-based incentives. We make every effort to promote employees to higher levels of responsibility from within the company. 

As one of the oldest and most established submetering and utility billing companies in the country, our longevity speaks to our commitment to the future. This commitment is reflected in our ongoing investments in our employees, our IT infrastructure and our client and vendor relationships. 

Founder and CEO Harry Apostolos (pictured far left) along with original office staff in 1983

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