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Water Submeters

Submetering is the process of distributing utility costs to individual residents in multi-unit rental properties. Costs are distributed on the basis of actual usage as measured by a submeter that is installed in each rental unit.

Guardian is an authorized national distributor for leading water submetering manufacturers. Guardian Water & Power is proud to install and monitor water submetering equipment manufactured by leading companies including NorGas Controls, Inc. and Sensus Technologies, Inc. All water submeters shown below are compatible with major radio frequency (RF) equipment.

We are committed to customer satisfaction, increasing client NOI and enhancing property valuations. Our in-house submeter system design and installation services provide single source system responsibility and minimizes life cycle equipment costs.


MJ20 Water Submeter 

For use in submetering applications where compact size and pulse output are desired. The MTW MJ20 multi-jet water submeter uses a polymer body design to allow for low weight and reduced cost but augments the submeter with brass threads to reduce the likelihood of stripped threads during installation. The metal threads do not come into contact with the water thus allowing the MJ20 submeter to meet NSF61 standards as well as the Annex G 0.25% lead requirement also known as NSF372. The MTW MJ20 may be installed horizontally or vertically.

*California Type Approved

water submeter

VersaMag Water Submeter

The VersaMagâ„¢ water submeter, manufactured by Norgas Controls, Inc is the only water submeter approved by National Conference of Weights and Measures (NTEP) and NIST Handbook 44. The VersaMag meets American Water Works Association C708 Standards and is designed for ease of installation in new construction and retrofit applications.

*California Type Approved

gas submeter

Sensus accuStream Water Submeter

This magnetic drive positive displacement sub meter, manufactured by Sensus Technologies, Inc uses an oscillating piston to provide superior sensitivity in measuring a wide range of flows for a variety of residential applications or similar service needs. The accuSTREAM® water sub meter design includes a high quality composite alloy main case, dual inlet ports, patented bottom-plate design and streamlined flow pattern to provide lasting measurement accuracy and deliver years of dependable service.

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