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New submetering bill currently being negotiated in California

SEPTEMBER 3, 2013 — A California senate bill is currently being negotiated, and if passed, it will have some pretty big implications to the submetering rules in California.  The original bill prohibits RUBS (ratio utility billing), banned administrative fees for water submeters, and also required that all new multifamily construction be submetered as of January 1, 2014.

The California Apartment Association and the Utility Conservation Coalition have been hard at work addressing the negative aspects of this bill in order to make it a win-win for everyone affected by it. Currently the bill has been amended to to allow the use of RUBS, clarify the ability of an owner to charge administrative fees regarding water submetering, and to extend the submetering mandate to January 2016. As the bill currently stands, the CAA is opposed to it, but they are working very hard to work with all parties involved in order to get something passed that everyone can live with.

As recently as last week, the CAA has made strides in negotiating the terms of the bill. They have successfully gotten penalty provisions removed, extended the mandatory installation of submeters to take effect January 2016, and they have added further language to make sure that RUBS will be permitted.

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