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Water rates in Las Vegas to increase

AUGUST 8, 2013, LAS VEGAS — The Southern Nevada Water Authority is going to recommend a new water rate structure which will increase rates for all water users from small homes to golf courses to casinos. The new water rates will be put into place from 2014 to 2017. The increase was designed to increase both the fixed and variable costs. The fixed cost increase is in order to maintain the infrastructure, and the variable cost is the amount of water used.

This rate increase was designed to give residents a chance to somewhat control how much their bill will go up because it will depend on how much water they use. Brian McAnallen, a representative on the water authority advisory committee, has said, “If people wish to try to conserve more, the idea is that they’d see some savings.”

The rate increase will be higher than the authority’s bills in 2016 to account for a higher amount of debt that needs to be paid off. They want to gradually raise rates, so the consumers are not hit with one huge increase in the future.

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